Welcome to HeadHunter Health Exchange, a new direction for healthcare recruitment

November 29, 2008

Welcome to HeadHunter Health Exchange (www.headhunterhealthexchange.com)! Teresa and I have created for you a state-of-the-art web-based application for employers and recruiters that draws upon our combined experience working in healthcare settings and with healthcare providers.  We believe HeadHunter Health Exchange will change how healthcare workers are hired. Our aim is to offer the healthcare community a secure employment network that facilitates interaction between employers and recruiters, filling open positions faster and increasing the number of successful placements.

In our network, you will discover a revolutionary new way to recruit healthcare employees. We hope you find our healthcare employment portal easy to use, logical and cutting edge. Let it radically change your business—and work through the hiring process like never before!  As a member, you will find our web-based recruitment tools save you time and effort by giving you access to a larger pool of contacts.

We have designed this portal specifically for you, to improve your recruitment business. We know how healthcare recruitment works. We’ve been in your shoes– building recruitment relationships and dealing with healthcare employers from the inside.  Our goal is to give you greater access to leading healthcare employers and recruiters nationwide and grow your business.

This blog opens a critical dialogue between healthcare recruiters and employers. We have the opportunity to learn from each other and improve the hiring process. We believe HeadHunter Health Exchange represents the evolution of healthcare recruitment. How often are you presented with a business tool that could simplify the way you work?

Hayes Milani, Co-Founder of HeadHunter Health Exchange